A Friendly Mountain

When I was selected to become the next director for the Ascutney Trails Association back in 1999, (because I think I was the youngest person at the meeting), I was intrigued by the rich history that the mountain had to offer. like Frank Clark, a Windsor attorney and president of the Ascutney Mountain Association ( he would publish the first guide for Ascutney in 1905), I was connected in a way that James Taylor had described :

EVERY true Vermonter is a mountaineer. The state is a noble mountain range with its setting of valleys bordered by lake and river. The metropolis of Vermont is set upon a hill: the streets of the capital city wind through valleys and creep up heights: the state house is buttressed by a rocky steep. Every Vermont city and large village has its own local mountain deity, from Newport with Jay Peak in the north to Bennington with Mount Anthony in the south. Burlington by the lakeside looks eastward to ponderous Mansfield: Montpelier far inland among the hills sees to the westward lofty Camel’s Hump. Rutland, busy with marble quar ries, has Killington Peak for a playground and Ascutney Mountain seems to have been placed by special act of Providence far from the main range of the Green Mountains for the inspiration of historic Windsor.



This was an intro video presented in front of your classic white background for the company’s President, Don LaPlume. Asirvia offers a network marketing channel through its Independent Representatives who get paid on commissions and residual commissions for selling Asirvia’s superior services directly to their customers and also on the network of Affiliates and other Independent Representatives that they attract, develop and support.
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How Far We’ve come


As a visual artist, occasionally I stumble across something that reminds me of my roots and also reminds me that we have come a long ways in how we communicate information. The skill and technical expertise required to letter this sign, currently located at the Shelburne Museum, is something that few people can imagine. My father performed similar tasks as a sign artist throughout his career and never thought much of his talents.

Comcast Spotlight Ad for Helie’s Carpet

When you’re looking for the best in flooring services, choose a company that doesn’t sweep quality under the rug. Helie’s Carpet, LLC, is a flooring company in Claremont, New Hampshire, that specializes in making the ground beneath your feet beautiful.

Helie’s Carpet, is a family owned business and has been providing professional residential and commercial flooring services to the Claremont and Sullivan County areas since 1974.

Due to our many years of experience in the flooring industry, we continue to be the #1 flooring company in the area because of our outstanding quality, attention to detail, and competitive pricing.

Henderson’s Tree Service


I had not planned on shooting this video, but the opportunity presented itself when Eric from Henderson’s Tree Service showed up at our house to do some much needed work on a large Maple Tree which we needed to preserve and our beautiful Hemlock hedge. He was great to work with!

Henderson’s provides Professional Tree Care and Landscape Services to residential & commercial clients in the Upper Valley. They combine the expertise and capabilities of a large company with the personal attention of a small, family-owned business. They are passionate about this business – about trees, gardens and landscapes, and especially about the people we meet along the way.

Muslim Girls Making Change


Follow the journey of Muslims Girls Making Change to Brave New Voices this summer! They will be representing Vermont and need YOUR help. We’ll be doing a special segment right on the #ChurchStreetMarketplace this summer.

for more information visit:


A special Thanks to Doug DeMaio for the production of this video content.

We Remember the Kelley Pharmacy

I have fond memories of walking by this billboard on Bank Street in Burlington, Vermont with my dad, Robert Giroux, whom everyone knew as “Bob” the sign painter. This billboard was located just around the corner from what is now known as the “Church Street Marketplace”. My Grandfather, Victor Giroux, painted and lettered this wall for the Kelley Pharmacy back in the early 1950’s. He was an amazing artist and could paint on just about any substrate. Kelley Pharmacy prevailed through the 1980’s before moving their location to South Burlington. We are proud to be located at 22 Church Street as a “Third Generation” family business.