Sizing up apple TV

Sizing up apple TV
Perhaps more than any other technology initiative in recent memory, the potential for a game changing device from Apple has created a ton of buzz and excitement. With Apple’s well established pedigree of market-changing innovations, it’s not a stretch to believe the company is in the best position to succeed in revolutionizing the living room television and create massive disruption within both the broadcast and gaming industries through a proliferation of TV apps.

In the spirit of fun speculation, Jeremy Allaire recently sat down with VideoNuze Editor and Publisher, Will Richmond, who has also written extensively about an Apple television device, to share their visions for what this product from Apple will be and when it might be expected.

Jeremy and Will also discussed at length the risks and challenges that Apple will face in trying to bring a potential television to market and the implications for the broader online video and television market.

You can watch the full discussion (roughly 27 minutes) below, and also share your thoughts and speculations via the Twitter hashtag #SizingUpAppleTV. We’d love to hear from you!


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