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I had the opportunity to film and photograph Just a portion of this large educational display which will be opening at Lavalley’s in West Leabonon, NH.
If you like trains, or for that matter if you like ingenuity, stay tuned for the grand opening coming early may. See you there and enjoy this sampler.


Lisa Piccirillo


Great Day at Troutwear fashion show where Lisa was a guest artist(and so was I thanks to Davey Davis).

Songwriter Lisa Piccirillo’s debut release, Momentum, is nothing short of an emotional catharsis. The up and comer’s first full-length chronicles poignant observations and personal experiences through a satisfying blend of folk and pop, allowing the r&b tendencies and technical intricacies of Piccirillo’s vocals to truly shine through. Lisa became involved with music from an early age, learning to play guitar while watching her dad as a youth. As Lisa grew, her musical edification did as well, drawing inspiration from the likes of Patty Griffin, the Indigo Girls and singer/songwriter contemporaries Deb Talan (The Weepies) and newcomer Edie Carey, to name a few.

The first release from Northeast artist collective, The Co-Op, Momentum was produced and co-written by Syd, who approached fellow songwriter Patrick Thomas to help arrange a few songs for the full length. The chemistry between the trio was instantaneous and translated impeccably through each of the eleven tracks, perhaps most literally on “Sandbar,” on which Piccirillo and Thomas share vocal duties.

Building upon this foundation of skilled musicians (including Todd Gevry on drums, Seth Barbiero on bass), engineer Lane Gibson tracked Momentum at Charles Eller Studios in Charlotte, VT throughout the winter of 2007. Renowned vocalist Gregory Douglass (who has shared the stage with They Might Be Giants, Johnny Lang and Tracy Chapman) also lent his talents to Momentum after forging a relationship with Piccirillo, who sang backup for Douglass on tour.

With the help of mandolinist Steve Belleville, pianist Tim Blane and a bevy of other special guests, Momentum gained just that, picking up steam from the creativity and drive of each musician, ultimately completing in 2008.

Supermoon March 19th

There has been so much talk about the upcoming full moon on March 19th, also known as the “supermoon”.  Apparently, it will be 8 percent closer to the earth than most full moons, so it may appear up to 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than usual.  Some are speculating that, due to gravitational forces at play, it could also end up causing more environmental catastrophes around the world.

To read more check out the link here:   http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=moon+phases&view=detail&id=A58552C44BF3ED9C688E184D1EEC7B5C18C01E90&first=0

Digital History at Hartford High School

This course has combined traditional historical research with cutting edge technology. Students have surveyed historical data and created arguments in which their thesis is supported with evidence and logic. Students have through independent and group research projects created web pages (using Google Sites) devoted to their research. The students’ web pages have been combined in this class web site. Students have learned oral history research and how to work with video and audio editing software. This course emphasizes both the research and presentation of history. Using Google Chromebooks as our tool we have created websites showing our research and development.

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This course emphasizes both the research and presentation of history. Using Google Chromebooks as our tool we have created websites showing our research and development.

Les Mis Credits

It would have been too laborious to type all of these credits, and so I did the next best thing – I scanned the page images and then used some motion graphics to roll the pages with a flip transition. We hope this serves as a little teaser and encourages people to buy the DVD. Included on the DVD are cast interviews and a brief intermission montage. Thanks for your support. We think that you’ll enjoy.

Steve & Roberta – The BowWowMedia Team

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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